Games usually get its success and popularity immediately following its release and it is fairly odd to talk about a game thrived only years later. Yet here we are talking a particular two year old and honestly very simplistic game overtaking the top monthly downloads and streams like it was nothing. It's said that when creating games, there's a certain recipe that developers follow in order to guarantee success. When Among Us was published, there was something lacking in the formulation; hence, its lack of initial success. At this time, the situation is vastly different than it was in 2018 which could explain the current success of this game. The present conditions plus certain significant factors led One of Us' 2020 success.

• Familiarity

The game play of Among Us isn't wholly unique to the title. Among Us chrome of identifying impostors inside a group has in fact been done before, both in video game format and in an physical setting. The first social deducation game which Among Us is likely heavily inspired on is Mafia. Mafia first came into the scene in 1986 and the game version has sparked a movement among party games Since the concept of Among Us is familiar, it became a game that was easy to get into by any player of any age. Also, because of its easy game play, Among Us draws in casual gamers and novices.

• Benefits of Play and Access

If there is also one thing that brings a lot of players towards the game, it's its ease of access concerning playable platforms. For example, if you're playing on PC and your friend can simply play on their mobile devices, then both of you would still be able to play together with no problems! Furthermore, one does not need a high-end computer to have the ability to run the game. These things combined in addition to the fact that each Among Us game lasts only an average of 10 minutes makes for a well-made accessible game.

• Current Conditions

This pandemic has definitely brought out the worst in every individual and every trade. Small businesses and people's mental health are just some of the recurring problems that are being talked about. The video game industry, by comparison, blossomed amidst the difficulty because people are home more frequently. As a result, One of Us was able to profit from this truth. Apart from the fact that individuals are at home more frequently, Among Us also provides comfort and easy entertainment. Among Us isn't stressful to perform and is also an intriguing game to boot.

• The Memes

Finally, it's without a doubt that Among Us wouldn't thrive as much as it does now without the free adverts from streamers and the social media memes. The posts talking about game jargons like'emergency meetings','sus', and'imposter' makes anyone want to be a part of the game; to laugh together with the actual players and be able to comprehend the memes. The significant reason for Among Us' popularity is because of its online visibility.